November 11, 2021

Day 3

  • Tranquility: 1: I did not keep up with my journal today. I am hoping to get back on track when I have more time this weekend.
  • Silence: 5: Today we had late start. Since I had a little bit of extra time today, I was able to take some time to myself this morning. It was nice to wake up and not be in a rush. It also allowed me to have a better mindset for the rest of the day.
  • Moderation: 3: I did a relatively okay job with moderation today. I went to school, and to workout after school, but later I was able to find time to watch a show with my mom. I think it helped me to be more productive with my homework later.
  • Patience: 2: I don’t think I did a great job with patience today. I was wanting to get all of my work done quickly, and I think I applied my productiveness to people. If they were taking to long to answer, then I would sometimes answer for them, or talk over them. I’m hoping to really improve this virtue.
  • Contentment: 1: I did not journal today. I am hoping to catch back up on my journaling this weekend.

One thought on “November 11, 2021”

  1. First of all, I love how you organize your blogs and your virtue ranking, I hope it allows you to keep track of them better too. It’s good to hear that silence was improved my late start and watching a show with your mother seems like fun too. Even though you did not get to all of your virtues today it is good that you’re addressing the faults so you can improve on them later. Keep up the good work!

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