Nov 10 Day 2


moderation- A

frugality- C

accountability- B

self-discipline- A

cleanliness- A

Day two of this challenge went about as well as day one. I focused on the same virtues as I did day one and again I was successful. Just as day one I completed all of my school work and homework in class so I had plenty of time to spend with my family. I still found time to clean my room and go to the gym after school. Before this challenge started I didn’t realize just how much time I had when I don’t procrastinate with homework. I feel less stressed than usual so I think today was a success.

One thought on “Nov 10 Day 2”

  1. I am also doing something similar to self discipline, well, self control is what I called it. I went with more of a controlling my urges and not eat junk food. I really like your interpretation of it as being disciplined and starting everything on time.

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