Connor Burrows – Nov. 11

After seeing some other posts, I’ve decided to start a ranking system (1-5) to get a better idea of how each virtue is going on any given day.

Order 1/5 – I didn’t do the best job of being organized today. I waited until I started going homework to figure out what I needed to do, which I try to avoid. I hope to organize what I need to do over the weekend tomorrow.

Resolution 4/5 – I finally decided on a figure to paint! I still have to pick out a bunch of paints before actually starting the painting process, but I’ll hopefully get a lot of painting done over the weekend. I’m really excited to commit to this process, and I think it will turn out well.

Confidence 2/5 – I didn’t really do much that was outside of my comfort zone today. I think this virtue may not be too easy to practice every day, but I’ll try to find a way in the future.

Health 3/5 – I would have liked to go on a walk again today, but the weather kept me from that. I did do some core exercises, but I definitely could have done more for health today.

Responsibility 5/5 – I’m pretty proud of how early I got my work done today. I normally laze around for a couple hours after getting home, but today I decided to just get everything out of the way so I could relax tonight. I finished homework at 5:40, which is probably the earliest I’ve ever done it. Its super relaxing to have a nice, calm evening for a change, especially because the last couple of days have been really stressful.

Connor Burrows

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  1. To begin, the rating system for virtues seems to be getting more popular. I’m glad people are using it as a concrete way to judge themselves. I hope to implement it tomorrow because I forgot today. Secondly, your figures are very cool. Are they for any particular hobby? It looks nice.

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