Nicholas Karr – Day 3

Today was a debatable day for me. I participated in a fair amount of industry, but it was over some of the easier things I had allocated. So it was successful in industry, but not in order. My harder tasks that aren’t immediately due such as taking notes are still due. I have big plans for the weekend to work on both because that’s the best time to do so and I don’t have anything else allocated other than seeing nature and exercising. I’m also planning to work on resolution a bit during the weekend. There’s a computer project I’d like to continue working on while I have some extra time. Back to today, I did well at flexibility. I played a game I had never been exposed to before because someone else asked me to. Hopefully, the game clubs continue to bring me new experiences.

Nicholas Karr

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4 thoughts on “Nicholas Karr – Day 3”

  1. Although you didn’t get your large assignments done, I think you should still be proud of being industrious. Not every day has to be a big work day. I’m also planning on working on a project (painting) this weekend, so I’m excited to see how it goes for both of us 🙂

  2. In my opinion it seems like you crushed industry today. I usually hate projects mostly because I lose motivation half way through a decent chunk of the time so I applaud you for going back and finishing it. Seeing nature and exercising seems like a peaceful way to spend weekend. Glad to see that you are keeping with your virtue.

  3. I think that getting the easier things out of the way first is the better way to go about things. So, I think you did great with industry. I also like your idea of spending the weekend with nature and exercising, it sounds like a great time.

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