Luke Kounkel – Nov 11

Today has been less productive than yesterday, and I am realizing that the virtues I chose will make for an interesting tightrope to walk. The balance between industry and tranquility is a tough one to get right. Too much work and I get burnt out, too much relaxation and I fall behind. And though today leaned close to an excess of relaxation, I did pretty well with my virtue of disconnection. After school I powered off my phone for 3 hours, but instead of doing work I lethargically sat around. When I got around to my homework it was later than I would have wanted, but since even days are my easy days, it didn’t seem all that pressing. All in all not a terrible day for the virtues, but it left lots of room for improvement.

4 thoughts on “Luke Kounkel – Nov 11”

  1. I enjoy your analysis over how your virtues relate to each other. It appears to be an important step in achieving them. It’s interesting to note how tranquility and disconnection are directly related in how they are interact with your mental state.

  2. I really like your descriptions of your goals in retrospect after starting the project. I hope that you can work around these difficulties and work to better yourself. I hope you find a way to get your work done earlier, because I know I also struggle with that.

  3. I like how you are able to tie together all of your virtues. It is also interesting to see how you handle and deal with how your virtues to find a good balance with your virtues. I can also relate to procrastinating homework because it seems like little, as long as you don’t leave it until too late then usually it turns out fine.

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