Nov 11 Blog 3

Today I worked on silence again. I had multiple positives and maybe a few negatives. Today at lunch I realized my brother switched our lunches. Instead of lashing out at him or making it a big deal I chose silence and decided it was not something to freak out about. I was actually very proud of myself because usually I would have made a big deal about that. The negative I had today was at dodgeball. I was arguing with a teammate and instead of choosing silence I. continued to bicker like a second grader. I want to work on limiting arguments and chose silence more often.

One thought on “Nov 11 Blog 3”

  1. I also struggle with lashing out like my siblings. As the oldest sibling, I admire the way you’re reacting to your brother and hope to imitate your actions. I hope we both see progress in working with silence.

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