My motivation for this blog is to remind myself of my five virtues I have picked out to hopefully better myself. Being able to write about them each day will keep me thinking about them for the next two weeks, and help me stick to them. Even though me and Benjamin Franklin lived in very different times, the things people need to work on for themselves are still the same. He presented a list of virtues that I also believe are important for everyone to practice. 

There are many virtues that I feel like I could do better, but the ones I personally felt were most important are cleanliness, order, productivity, patience and acceptance. The biggest one to me is cleanliness, most of the time this includes the clothes all over my room. I am going to form a better habit of picking up my clothes because I always feel happier and more relaxed when I have a clean room. I feel like practicing order could also be a huge part of keeping clean. I am going to start writing out what I need to do, and planning to help stay in order. When trying to stay productive, I am going to go home, get all my schoolwork done, and then have the rest of the night to do whatever I want. I always put my work off until after 10 at night and then I feel very overwhelmed and tired. I really need to work on my patience. I always feel very rushed and if I take a few minutes out of my day to relax, it will help. Another big one is acceptance. I need to accept that not everything is going to be perfect and go exactly the way I want it to, and that is okay. 

My hope for blogging about my daily experiences with my virtues is to feel more relaxed, relieve stress and feel like a better person overall. I believe if I work on them for the next couple of weeks and motivate myself to continue reflecting on them even after we are done with this blog, I will feel happier and a lot better about myself. I think it will be harder to continue them when I don’t have to but that will also show that I am practicing and sticking to them.

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