Rafaela Grieco-Freeman: Day 5

Saturday, November 13th, 2021

I had a pretty relaxed yet somewhat productive Saturday. I got to sleep in which was always nice, and I got to go out to lunch with a friend which resulted in quite a tranquil afternoon. As for my virtues, I would highlight my tranquility for the day, as I spend a lot of time just doing things I enjoyed and calming myself down the for next work week (giving myself a 7/10 for today). I was also relatively good at my industry and moderation/temperance virtues (giving them both a 6/10), as I created those hot cocoa bombs (which I needed to film myself doing for a video class) and got some of my other homework done, though nearly not as much as I could have. As for cleanliness, I did not really get to cleaning my room and workspace, but I did make the point to clean up all of my items needed for my making of the hot cocoa bombs (so I would rate myself a 5/10). Lastly, for productive downtime, I did not really do much for this aspect as I was either doing work or mindlessly relaxing, so I would give myself a 3/10 for today. Hopefully, I can turn that around tomorrow as I gear up for the week ahead of myself.

Anyways, good night! (P.S. I will be sure to post an image of the hot cocoa bombs once I use them, I just was not really in the mood for it tonight)

2 thoughts on “Rafaela Grieco-Freeman: Day 5”

  1. Congratulations on reaching a good level of tranquility. It can be hard to reach in the face of knowledge of your future work, so nice job. Productive downtime seems like a very difficult goal to achieve. I’d like to have more of it by doing easier work in blocks sometimes.

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