Luke Kounkel – Nov 13

This is the first weekend day so far in the Ben Franklin project so far, and it went swimmingly. I got a good night’s sleep, waking up ready to tackle my virtues. After a late breakfast and some distractions, I only managed to do a little homework before it was time to head out for pole vault. After practice, I came back home and relaxed for a little while. Probably not what I should have been doing at the time, but I had no pressing homework and I was tired after a long running workout. Once the late night second wind kicked in I started on my homework and after a few hours I got a good portion of it done. To give the virtues a rating, it was C’s across the board. Not awful, but not great either. 

3 thoughts on “Luke Kounkel – Nov 13”

  1. Congratulations on completing a week of the virtues project! I’m glad you were able to complete some homework, every bit counts. I’m also going to be working on taking advantage of that late night wind for homework.

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