Day 5 – 11/13/21

I woke up not feeling too great, but it was not bad enough that I felt I could miss my debate. As the day progressed I felt worse, but for lunch I had chicken noodle soup which helped me get through the rest of my debates. This was really the only thing I could resolve to do that day, because I felt like doing nothing else, but my resolution overall was fine because I did resolve complete my debates and try and make my illness go away. My order was not great, because I did not find time beyond my debates for what was important. My moderation was not very good either, because the only things I did today were debate at the tournament and sleep afterwards. My industry was ok mainly because there were no tasks that I did that I could have been industrious at. Finally, I did not have much time to use my justice, because I did not see anyone since I was not feeling very good.

Jacob Podrebarac

Author: Jacob Podrebarac

Resolution, Industry, order, moderation, justice

2 thoughts on “Day 5 – 11/13/21”

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t feel great. Though you might’ve lacked in your virtues your priorities are very defined and good job for making what matters to you valued. Sometimes not having to work on a few virtues can be a positive and make a day easier. Good job!

  2. Having to continue to work even though you are not feeling the best shows great dedication to what’s important to you, so keep it up! Even if you did not touch on all your virtues today, being mindful of them for the future is what really matters, plus Benjamin Franklin prioritized only working on a few virtues per day, so you are right on course for perfection :))

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