Luke Kounkel – Nov 14

Today was another medium day for all of my virtues. After waking up and eating breakfast I went rock climbing for an hour and a half. Exercise is a good way to release endorphins, and climbing adds difficult or fun routes to make it more interesting than just running. Because of that plus a lot of alone time today I think my tranquility virtue was fulfilled. Disconnection was a failure today though because outside of climbing I spent almost the entire day on my Mac or on my phone. Finally, my productivity virtues were middle of the road. While I did finish off all of my remaining homework for the weekend, I woke up around noon and didn’t start doing anything until around 4. Still leaving room for improvement, but getting better.

2 thoughts on “Luke Kounkel – Nov 14”

  1. It’s good to hear that you had a tranquil ending to your weekend, which is always important for the week up ahead (rock climbing seems super fun, I’d love to hear more about it). And even if you did not excel in your productivity, you got what was needed and still acknowledge what needs to be done, which is huge in improving for the future. :))

  2. Wow! Rock climbing sounds like a lot of fun and great exercise. I also found it hard to disconnect from my devices, as I had to do homework on my mac. While you may feel like you didn’t achieve productivity, sleeping in definitely helped you with tranquility!

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