Rafaela Grieco-Freeman: Day 6

Sunday, November 14th, 2021

Overall, I had a pretty relaxing Sunday, which is a good way to end the weekend for next week’s workload. It is crazy to think that these blogs have been going on for nearly a week! Overall, I believe that my virtues were mediocre today, nothing too crazy but not awful either. As for industry and temperance/moderation, I would rate them both around a 4.5/10, since I got all my homework that I needed to get done, done. However, I did not really get ahead on other tasks that would be necessary. My productive downtime was about a 5.5/10 since I did attempt an actual crossword with my spare time, but other than that I did spend quite a bit of time mindlessly on my phone. I would rate my tranquility a 6/10 for today since I was a little high-strung for some reason but was able to drive around and listen to some music to put myself in a good mood. Lastly, for my cleanliness, I would rate it a 5/10 since I did some light cleaning around my room, but nothing exceptional. I hope to see my virtues excel over the next school week, especially since I need to be on top of my school work for my classes. I feel like the extra time with the weekend at times was wasted, but at least allowed myself to recharge to have more energy for school.

Good night!

3 thoughts on “Rafaela Grieco-Freeman: Day 6”

  1. It seems to me that you got everything done that you needed to. I know the feeling of getting all of your work done that due, but also wanting to get ahead but having little motivation. I’m glad you got to drive around and listen to music to put you in a happy mood, that sounds fun! Overall, don’t be hard on yourself, you’re doing a great job. Have a great week 🙂

  2. It’s okay to have days that you don’t feel are as productive as you might like but I think you’re doing better than you’re giving yourself credit for. I love crosswords thats such a good productive downtime activity I’m so bad at them though. What kind of music do you listen to that boosts your mood? Have a wonderful week Rafaela<3

  3. That’s good that you had a relaxing day. Don’t worry about not getting everything done that you wanted to. If it brought you peace, that is sometimes the best thing that you can do for yourself. And driving around and listening to music is such a great way to be calm. I do that a lot too. Have a good week!

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