Day: 6

Today I focused on Tranquility because I didn’t have anything planned. To do this I relaxed all day and played some video games with my friends. This was really good in helping my tranquility because I wasn’t focused on anything and could relax. I would give this strategy a 8/10 because I was very unproductive for the day, but it was also important to have a day like this. My Order is at a 10/10 because I have all of my homework done for the weekend. My Sincerity is a 10/10 because I spent an hour or so hanging out with my brother. My Humility is a 8/10 because I was being arrogant after beating my brother in video games. Frugality is still at a 10/10 because I have been able to save my money.

2 thoughts on “Day: 6”

  1. I am so glad that you were able to take a day for just relaxing. Even though you didn’t get much done, days like these are really nice and much needed for your tranquility. I can understand the struggle of trying to not brag about beating your brother in video games, because sometimes it is nice to win, especially against your brother.

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