Day 6 – 11/14/21

Today I woke up late in the morning. This really helped with my mild illness, as now I was feeling much better. The only problem with waking up this late was that I felt very lethargic, and my industry ended up not being very good today as I was not working on anything very quickly. I did however, resolve to do my homework pretty early making my resolution pretty good today. I did an average job at order, but even though I gave proper time to homework, my lack of industry meant that this was the only thing I really did today. My moderation also wasn’t very good because all I did was work on homework and watch the Chiefs game, but at least it gave me a pretty relaxing day. My final virtue of Justice was hard to work on, because I really didn’t talk to anyone that I could have given due justice to. Overall, the day was mixed, but certainly not my best day for my virtues.

Jacob Podrebarac

Author: Jacob Podrebarac

Resolution, Industry, order, moderation, justice

2 thoughts on “Day 6 – 11/14/21”

  1. Its never fun to be sick and your schedule gets thrown off! I thinks its great you knocked out all of your homework, even when you aren’t feeling your best. Even though you didn’t meet all of your virtues, it never hurts to have a relaxing day. I hope you are feeling better after getting plenty of rest!-Avery Kim

  2. It’s okay to have lazy days like this, we all do! I think it is still pretty great that you still got some homework done and found the time to do so. Those kind of lazy days are something we all need to better ourselves.

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