Day 3

This day I focused on Order. It was a day full of tests and labs at school and in order to succeed, I needed to practice being organized and prepared. It started out rough, due to the fact that I forgot my calculator at home. Besides that, I would say the day was pretty successful in terms of organization. I used my planner to write down my homework, I took good notes In math and APUSH, and I remembered to go to my guitar lesson before my show. As for that night, I had my opening night of my show. I had to practice bliss, because this show was a huge source of stress for me. The notes I had to sing were high, and there was a lot of pressure to be funny. In order to help myself, I decided to just try and enjoy the experience as much as I could in order to have a better night. It worked, and my experience in the show was a very good one.

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