Day 6

Yesterday was very chaotic. Everything was a disaster! Throughout the weekend I thought I was doing decently well with managing homework, and I was getting my blogs done. Sunday came around and I had a bunch of chemistry homework that I did not understand. Working on acceptance, I continuously looked at my chemistry grade displeased with the B I had. Stressing about my B, I could not figure out the homework, and I continued to worry about my grade. I would give acceptance a D-. I was able to stay tranquil with my baby all weekend until yesterday, I wanted my sleep and kept getting woken up and I would get upset. I struggled with staying tranquil, and I hope it will be better today once I get a full nights rest. Overall yesterday with tranquility would receive a C-. Cleanliness was not too bad. I have realized it is hard to incorporate healthy eating when I am with friends, I struggle to contain my cravings. Although I could have eaten worse. For the reasoning I would give myself a B-. Yesterday could have been better, but I am hoping today will go better for me. I hope everyones weekend went well for them!

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