Day 1 on November 9

My first day of working on my virtues was successful and boosted my confidence to continue my journey to moral perfection. I only watched 20 minutes of Tik Tok today in the middle of doing my homework and then went back to work. This was a nice balance because it gave me a break but didn’t stall my productivity as I didn’t go overboard on it. My strategy for resolution was especially helpful today as I packed for a trip. I’m a notorious over packer and couldn’t pick clothing pieces to choose from when I had to narrow outfits down for the sake of space. To decide, I set my minute timer and the time crunch really helped me decide what was actually important to me to bring. Industry was useful today because I had little time to work on homework, but also wanted to get some work done before leaving for my trip. So, I made use of about an hour to get two assignments done. I also cleaned my room one last time before leaving and washed the dishes for my cleanliness goal. Sadly, I couldn’t spend any time with my family as I was so busy preparing for my trip.

Francesca Stamati

Author: Francesca Stamati

Working on moderation, resolution, industry, cleanliness, and love for family.

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