Day 2

Today I tried working more on patience and acceptance. I nanny twin six year old girls, and sometimes that can be a lot to handle. Today they started to get very tired and fussy and instead of getting frustrated with them, I just let the little things go and remembered to not get annoyed. I also did not do as good on a test as I hoped and realized it is okay to get a B sometimes. I tried very hard and studied a lot but I had to accept that I can not always get an A on everything. I found it very hard to be able to accept things. 




Patience- A

Acceptance- B

2 thoughts on “Day 2”

  1. I can totally relate to getting frustrated with little kids. Whenever I babysit, the majority of the time, I have to take so many deep breaths. I also can relate to the studying thing too, so I feel your frustration. You handled both situations really well though, keep it up!!

  2. In the past when I’ve baby sat I’ve found it hard to have patients at times and that is something I could work on. I’ve also been trying to let the little things go and have more patients with my little brother. I think we have similar goals for this challenge so I will keep coming back to your page to try and find new strategies to help my own goals.

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