Connor Lawson – Day 5 Update

For this day, I finally was able to wake up on time, achieving the sincerity towards my promises to wake up early. Though, this was because I had a soccer game this morning and was required to get up early and not sleep in. It was much harder to keep up with my tranquility virtue today. I was constantly getting annoyed with my teammates for the duration of the game, which is usual. I did lie a few times to the referee, which wasn’t in line with my honesty virtue. I had great self-control when it came to eating that day, because I needed to eat well in order to recover to play the next game. I completely ignored any studying or homework all together. It was hard to focus on my virtues this day, as I had two games, so I wasn’t as focused on them, so it wasn’t the best day in terms of keeping true to my virtues.

Connor Lawson

Author: Connor Lawson

Honesty, Sincerity, Tranquility, Self-Control, Diligence

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