Day two

So today was going well, then i learned some not so great news about my health i’m going to need to make some long term changes to my diet and overall existence. I’ve thought about just stopping going to the doctors, nothing good happens there. But i feel like i reacted alright to it and

Cleanliness: I kept myself and the space around me pretty clean. I did have a ton of time to do any crazy level of cleaning but I succeeded in picking up after myself and keeping myself clean. i’ll give myself a B

resolution: I think that the changes that i’ll be making to my existence fall well under here so i may start holding myself accountable under this concept. I got everywhere I needed to be on time and found solutions to problems that came up as they came up. Im pretty ok with how i did this today, i give myself a B

tranquility: Even though I learned what I didn’t let it affect how I felt about my day. I was able to go home and do what I needed to do and simply continue on with my day. I give myself a A

order: i kept to what i needed to do and filled out my planner. I was able to approach the day with my goals and feeling ok. I give myself an A

Human: I did really well today just existing without too much fear of what people thought of me. I just want to get my body and mind back on track but in the whole grandious scheme of things i wasn’t that anxious. I was talkative and joyful. I give myself an A

Joey Trease

Author: Joey Trease

My goal with this project is to work on -order -resolution -cleanliness -tranquility -existing exactly as i am

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