Day 3 on November 11

Today was the first full day of my trip. I worked on moderation by spending very little time on my phone and instead enjoying Philadelphia by walking around and appreciating the city. I made a quick decision early on when picking an outfit to wear and tried to work on cleanliness by organizing my suitcase after making a mess when I was looking through my packed clothes. While it was impossible for me to spend time with my family as they weren’t there, I texted my dad about how the trip was going and sent him photos we took that day because he always asks me to do that. As for industry, I didn’t do very well on this today because I didn’t have time all day to work and didn’t want to do homework when we got back to the hotel at 10 pm as I was exhausted. Instead I gave myself a break and went to bed early.

Francesca Stamati

Author: Francesca Stamati

Working on moderation, resolution, industry, cleanliness, and love for family.

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