Day 6: 11/14/21

Today I spent time with my friends. I feel like that allowed me to practice the virtues of Contentment and Purposefulness. Spending time with people, friends feels like a much more enjoyable and a better use of free time-in contrast to mindlessly scrolling through social media. We went vintage shopping, which is something I enjoy but don’t always get to do-I feel that also ties into Contentment. In the evening I practiced Order and Self-Discipline. First, Order, by picking up my room to help with a better start to the new week. Then, Self-Discipline, by putting away my phone so I could get homework and other stuff that needed to happen, done.

Alaina Brunell-Wright

Author: Alaina Brunell-Wright

Order, Contentment, Acceptance, Self-Discipline, Purposefulness

One thought on “Day 6: 11/14/21”

  1. I’m glad your day went so well! Recognizing what you need for yourself in your off-time is really important to your overall happiness, and going vintage shopping sounds like one sure-fire way to get it! As well, working towards your self-discipline is wonderful, especially if you’re working on reducing scrolling time. I definitely find myself unable to resist my device sometimes (though, that’s what they’re designed to do, so I can never find it in myself to get too upset), but I’m glad putting it away during your productive hours worked out for you.

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