Day 7- November 15

I didn’t have the best day. I totally thought I could push through this tough week and just look forward to the nice, long break we are about to have, but today felt like a million years. I was trying to practice tranquility today, but didn’t do well because I was stressed all day about a few upcoming tests I have. I give myself a 2/5 for tranquility. I didn’t practice moderation at all today, so that’s going to be a solid 0/5. Academic acceptance started off very rough for me, because I was struggling with some of my classes, especially the ones I will be having tests in, but my attitude turned around when I found out I received a 29.5/30 on my chem graph! Academic acceptance gets 4/5 for the day. I sadly didn’t practice any passion today or patience, so those both get a 0/5. I’m really hoping that tomorrow will be a better day, along with the rest of the week. I hope everyone has a good Monday night 🙂

3 thoughts on “Day 7- November 15”

  1. Days before a break can be tough! I hope you can find time this week for patience, tranquility, and moderation. It looks like you are doing better than you thought though, chem is hard, so I bet you can turn this week around!

  2. I’m also looking forward to the break, it can get hard to be productive during these long stretches of school. It’s definitely hard to find time to do things that you really care about (ie. passion) on busy school days, so I wouldn’t feel too bad about that. Also congrats on your chem graph!

  3. Sorry your day didn’t go too well! I totally relate to the past few days feeling so long — I think break will be a great chance to work on self care and virtues so just hang in there until friday! So happy you did well on chem 🙂

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