November 15, 2021

Day 7

(Feel free to have a listen while reading)

Tranquility: 4: I felt like tranquility today has gone better than it usually does. I was able to come up with a good list of things that I was willing to make peace with, and just writing my thoughts down made me feel calm.

Silence: 1: I was so busy today that I never got a chance to take a few minutes of silence to myself. I am hoping to find time this week, especially since it is busier than usual, to relax.

Moderation: 1: I was disappointed with my moderation for today since I felt like I have been making significant progress with this virtue. However, I am not really sure if I could have moderated my time any better today. I went from school to basketball tryouts, to soccer, and now, finally home to do homework. I think I might try to get some more homework out of the way, that way I have less to do later in the week. Hopefully, this will give me more time to do something that I enjoy!

Patience: 2: With such a hectic day, I honestly felt like I never had time to be patient. However, I felt like I was, hopefully, patient with others.

Contentment: 4: I feel like I have been making good progress with contentment. I journaled again today, and once more, I am finding that I am content with more things in my life than I have ever thought before.

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