Day 7 Nov 15

moderation- D

frugality- D

accountability- B

self-discipline- B

cleanliness- A

Today was one of my more stressful days of the challenge because I have a physics exam tomorrow. Because of this I struggled with spending time with my family. Today I would also consider a failure because I went out for lunch today and one of my goals was to not spend money on food when I don’t have to. I didn’t make it to the gym today but I did play football after school. I did well on studying for my physics exam so that is a positive. I also helped my mom in the kitchen which was also a positive. 

One thought on “Day 7 Nov 15”

  1. Hope the physics exam went well. Sorry you couldn’t have family time today — I’ve also been trying to be around my family more often as one of my virtues and am struggling with that too. I’m sure your mom appreciated the help in the kitchen!

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