Nicholas Karr – Day 7

Industry: 4/5
Order: 4/5
Flexibility: 3/5
Resolution: 1/5
Tranquility: 1/5

I would say that I did about as well as I conceivably could today. I used almost all of my limited free time to do schoolwork. It was highly restricted because the robotics team meetings last until 5:00pm. That meant I didn’t really have any time to do schoolwork until 9:30pm because my schedule was very full. I gave myself a high rating in both industry and order because I got a fair bit of total work done. My flexibility ranking is lower than it could be because I acted too harshly to some other students who threatened me with razor blades a few times as a joke. Meanwhile, my very low tranquility score was inspired by how I freaked out over losing hearing in one of my ears for a few hours. It’s mostly okay now, for reference. It should be a lot easier to maintain an acceptable level of tranquility tomorrow alongside order because I won’t be going to robotics. I sure will need it though because there’s a lot of math homework due on Wednesday. It will be a real test of my order virtue to finish all of it in a reasonable timeframe. After that, the week appears to lighten a bit.

Nicholas Karr

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  1. Be busy can be blessing or a curse but by the end of the day you feel good. Sorry to hear that you were threatened by razor blades, that seems scary. Hope you finish your math homework, it seems that you are determined.

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