Day #8 – 11/15/21

Overall, I think I consider this day simply mediocre, not a true success nor a failure. In Awareness, I felt somewhat proud of myself as I finally listened to a piece of advice my therapist gave me: tell individuals who can hold you accountable about the bad habits you want to break. In this, I feel that I succeeded, even if I did catch myself picking at my skin a couple times. However, I think I struggled with Regulation today, as I used my phone for around 20 minutes once in bed, and I had to force myself to stop using it by throwing it across my bed. If nothing else, I remembered to shower and brush my teeth extra well for my filling tomorrow. As well, I remembered to be Sincere for most of the day, and with that I felt a bit more comfortable in conversation while also maintaining ground on my opinions (and stopping a silly debate from becoming a whole blown fight; I hate conflict!). I don’t really think I succeeded with my Resolution though, as I struggled to get the minimal work I had done (as it was minimal), and I instead needed to make a plan for the next morning. I don’t think I really did wonders with my Enjoyment beyond the interesting conversation I had, but if nothing else I acknowledged what was not key to my happiness, and acted according to that.

Sleep Log

8:18 – Water
9:12-9:40 – Shower + Brush Teeth
10:17 – Lights Off + In Bed
10:40 – Off Phone

10:47 – 6:04 AM – 7:17 Hours – 78 Sleep Score, No Notable Wake Ups

Tomorrow, I hope to keep with my schedule for work; as well, I think I’ll be setting a strict “phone-off” time as to keep myself from mindlessly using my devices. I also wish to keep up the current habit of Sincerity, (and luck for my filling tomorrow!)

Alyssa Alvey

Author: Alyssa Alvey

Working towards achieving moral betterment in sincerity, regulation, resolution, awareness, and enjoyment.

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  1. I am glad you were able to find some successes throughout your day. Sometimes self-control with technology can be hard, and I commend you for being able to stop yourself after only 20 minutes! (I usually have trouble and can be on my phone for hours). Also, I really like how you created a schedule for yourself. I hope the rest of your week goes well!

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