Day 8 Nov 16

moderation- C

frugality- A

accountability- A

self-discipline- C

cleanliness- C

I Started off today as stressed as I have been through the past eight days. I had an exam in my class that I struggle the most in, physics. I am proud of myself for putting in the work last night and today to succeed. I took the initiative to go and get all my questions answered by my teacher which is something I wouldn’t normally do. After school I spent time with friends as opposed to spending time with family. I didn’t make it to the gym for the third day in a row so tomorrow I’ll make a better effort to make it to the gym. 

One thought on “Day 8 Nov 16”

  1. I’m so glad that you took initiative for physics! Physical science classes are always pretty challenging, so being able to communicate your concerns with a teacher when needed is an incredibly important skill. I hope your test went well; those are always stressful! As well, I wish you luck in regards to getting to the gym (I know I definitely need it, haha!); perhaps you can get a friend to help motivate you?

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