Rafaela Grieco-Freeman: Day 8

Tuesday, November 16th, 2021

Overall I feel like I had a really good day today! For my video production class, I got to film a story at my elementary school and visited my 5th-grade teacher, which was a lovely surprise when she recognized me. It was definitely the highlight of my day getting a big hug from her, especially since I haven’t properly seen her in 6 years! As for my virtues, I would say some of my strongest were industry and temperance (at an 8/10) as I got on top of some work that is not necessarily due and even attempted some extra credit in a class. For tranquility, I would rate myself around a 7/10 since after my stresses for filming at my school I felt that I had finally got everything into place for the rest of the week. Cleanliness I did not do as well in, maybe around a 5/10, since instead of cleaning my workspace I just moved to the kitchen table for my homework, but I was able to organize my room overall a little bit by putting away laundry. Lastly, for productive downtime, I would rate myself a 5/10, since when I had a moment of downtime it was often spent on my phone. However, I did attempt an actual crossword with autofill on, and “completed” it in 41 minutes and 55 seconds (super impressive, I know). Overall I feel like over these past few days I have seen a definite improvement in my virtues which has been encouraging me to keep at them, even if there are slight bumps in the road to “perfection”.

4 thoughts on “Rafaela Grieco-Freeman: Day 8”

  1. Wow! That must have been fun to see your old teacher after so many years. Awesome job getting work done before it is actually due and even trying extra credit. I’m impressed that you were able to work at least a little bit on each virtue, and that they were all a 5/10 or above. Keep it up!

  2. Your video production class sounds really cool, it’s always interesting to go back to elementary school and see old teachers. It’s great that you are seeing steady improvement at your virtues, even if there are slight bumps in the road. Crosswords are fun but I’ve never timed myself because it would only depress me.

  3. That sounds like such a fun opportunity to visit your school! Great job on industry it sounded like a very busy day. Also, love your idea of active downtime using crossword puzzles and other enriching activities. Keep it up!

  4. I am glad it was a good day! It sounds like you had an awesome experience with something you enjoy. It also sounds like you were very productive with you school work, which can be hard around break… glad you were able to find some downtime too! Have a great rest of your week!

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