Nicholas Karr – Day 8

Industry: 4/5
Order: 2/5
Flexibility: 4/5
Resolution: 1/5
Tranquility: 1/5

I had another pretty rough day. My tranquility is very low because I spent a lot of time panicking. However, industry is fairly high because I did a decent amount of work when I was actually conscious. My unusually high flexibility rating comes from a successful rearrangement of my schedule. I had to stay home from a class with an ear infection without complaining too much. Order was also a low point for me because my past ordering led to me having to complete a lot of math homework. It was hard to remember because we do math units out of order and the homework due dates happen at odd times. I didn’t manage to do anything related to resolution at all today. Currently, my main roadblock to improving my virtues is that I’m still sick. Hopefully, I can have a strong finish to the rest of the week over the next two days when most of the work happens.

Nicholas Karr

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2 thoughts on “Nicholas Karr – Day 8”

  1. Sorry to hear you were having a bad day. Doing school work while sick is rough and very unmotivating but it is good that you tried towards it. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I’m sorry that today was a rough day, but great job with flexibility and industry. It’s good to also recognize the days where you don’t practice all of your virtues – for me it helps me be more productive the next day. Hope you get that strong finish!

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