Day Eight


Yesterday was a long but pretty successful day. Tranquility was alright but I was pretty stressed and hadn’t gotten much sleep so I wasn’t too calm. It was hard for me to get back into a calm state of mind after starting the morning overloaded. 

Patience was hard as well because I don’t really enjoy my classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and so it was difficult for me to wait for school to be over and to get time to relax. I also took yesterday off tennis so I didn’t play as well today because my rhythm was a little off and I got easily frustrated by it. 

Moderation was alright as I went to school, then home for an hour to decompress and relax before I went to tennis. I then came back to do homework for the rest of the night for several hours, but I was also able to eat a quick dinner with my family so that was a nice ending to the day. 

Order was not good. I am really having a hard time keeping things in order but I know I will have to clean my room tonight because our house cleaners are coming Thursday and I need to tidy up so that they can actually deep clean. 

Joy was decent as I found talking to my friend for fifteen minutes after tennis was a really good source of happiness after all of my activities were done for the day. I am realizing that I am truly my happiest when I am with my friends and just laughing with them. It releases all of my stress and makes me feel grateful which is always a good feeling. I also listened to Taylor Swift while I was doing my homework at full volume, singing as loud as I could so that was also very cathartic.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a much better day where I feel like I was able to make more progress on my virtues. Only three more days until Thanksgiving break!

Currently my two favorite Taylor Swift songs!

Bryson Langford

Author: Bryson Langford

Working on tranquility, moderation, order, patience, and joy.

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  1. I struggled with order throughout my process as well! If I am being honest the only reason I cleaned my room was because the cleaners were coming the next day, but it does force myself to clean which is good. I have also been struggling a lot with sleep which affects the days as well. I wish you luck in the upcoming weeks with finals!!

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