Intro to Moral Perfection

 I have had many opportunities in my life to perfect myself, and be a person who I truly adore but for an odd reason I save changing myself for tomorrow. It’s about time things change and I am using this blog to share my progress. Ben Franklin’s virtues are guides to building character and I admire his motivation to become a finer person. The 13 virtues that he came up with from the 1700’s are still relevant today and can be used to help each and every one of us. This is my journey of perfecting myself and becoming the best version of myself that I can be. Welcome!

       I chose five virtues that I am going to live by and work on to be a healthier person and here they are. Cleanliness, Frugality, Independence, Forgiveness, and Confidence. I carefully looked and thought about things I need to work on and currently these five are the most important ones. Each one of these virtues have different approaches in order to be successful. For example, with cleanliness, instead of leaving trash from the recent fast food in my car, I will bring it inside and throw it away. Frugality, I will make my meals more often instead of spending money as if it grows in my backyard. Independence, I will make more time just for myself to reset and recharge so I don’t feel as overwhelmed from the activities of life. Forgiveness, I need to work on forgiving myself and people around me and get the validation and love from within myself. Last but not least there is confidence. This one I will focus on the good about myself instead of picking myself apart. These are just a few examples of how I can achieve my goals of being the best me. Stick around, and watch my journey through this experiment of changing myself! 

        My hopes for this journey is that I can learn something new about myself. I hope I can find out what makes me happy and what doesn’t and what makes me feel the best. I am excited to see how I do and to see myself at the end of this. I am looking forward to finally changing what I need to and not holding it off. I know that I might feel lazy sometimes and down about doing what I have been wanting to do, but with this I think it will teach me to just get up and do it. To do instead of say or want. Here’s to new beginnings.

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