Day 1- November 10th

Today I have been thinking about the first way I can work on my virtues. My first idea was to clean out my car and get it washed so I did just that. I took it to the Waterway on State Line and paid to get it cleaned inside and out. This is a way for me to get a fresh start with cleanliness. I can now keep it up by throwing away all the trash from now on and not leaving my clothes and other useless objects lying around inside. My mom was quite proud of me for doing so and it felt good to have things clean and not dread getting into my sticky car. To end my night, I wrote in my journal the good things from the day and the bad. I reflected on myself and forgave myself for mistakes. This also helps me work on my independence. Writing in my journal before bed gives me time for myself that is hard to gain during the long busy days.

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