Day 6- November 15th

Today I have been really working on my independence. These past few days I have been stressed and overwhelmed. I have been feeling like I have to please everyone around me but I also need to realize that I need to please myself first. It can be hard to be alone sometimes. For me, it can cause anxiety, a lot of over-thinking and self reflection time. But spending time with only myself today, even for a few hours I feel better. It did make me anxious for a little bit but then I remembered at the end of the day I only have myself and I am happy about that. You are your only friend and your relationship with yourself is what matters most. So today that is what I worked on.

2 thoughts on “Day 6- November 15th”

  1. Great job focusing on yourself, that’s vital for everything in life. My advice is to take care of yourself whenever you feel you need to. Keep it up!

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