Day 9

Today I focused on the virtues of industry and tranquillity. I was especially successful in industry, maybe more so than I’ve been since the beginning of the virtues experiment. I missed school on Monday so when I came home today, I had more homework than normal. However, I stayed focused, didn’t let myself get discouraged, and was able to successfully complete my homework. I was able to get into a productive rhythm while working on long assignments—rather than falling into despair and, subsequently, distraction. I also organized my weekend schedule and did a good job of getting back to everyone and keeping everything organized. I would give myself a 5/5 in industry.

I did a fairly good job of practicing tranquillity today. I stayed positive in the face of my previously mentioned mountain of homework and did a generally good job of avoiding negative thought patterns. I still have yet to meditate before bed (maybe resolution should have been one of my virtues?) but I’ll give it a shot tonight. I give myself a 4/5 in tranquillity today. 

Delaney McDermed

Author: Delaney McDermed

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4 thoughts on “Day 9”

  1. That’s great that you stayed focused doing homework after you missed a day of school. It’s awesome that you were able to stay positive doing it too. That is so hard to do. Tell me how the meditation goes tonight!

  2. Good job getting all of your homework done! I know how discouraging make-up work can be after missing school, so I’m impressed that you could stay positive through all of that. Positive thoughts go such a long way towards productivity, and happiness in general, so it’s great that you’re prioritizing that.
    Have a good rest of your night 🙂

  3. Good job completing all your homework and staying focused in spite of many tasks. Glad you could organize your schedule for the weekend — I’m sure all of this has cleared your mind and set you up for a peaceful next few days.

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