Connor Burrows – Nov 17

Order 4/5 – I went around the house tonight and cleaned up a bunch of papers that I had let pile up. I tend to avoid cleaning until I can’t ignore it anymore, so I’m pretty proud of taking initiative tonight, even with something so small.

Resolution 3/5 – As a typing this, I haven’t done any painting tonight, but I plan on ending my night with that, as it is a good way to relax just before going to bed. I’m giving myself a preemptive 3/5, despite not having done anything just yet.

Confidence 5/5 – I ran Ping Pong Club for the second time today, which was tons of fun! I was much more relaxed this time, and had a better time because of it. I just let myself have fun with friends, instead of stressing over small problems and inconveniences.

Health 5/5 – Ping Pong is honestly a great way to get exercise. I suppose it is possible to just stand there and swing your arm around, but the fun comes from really getting into it. The constant movements not only help you in the game, they’re also good for you, unless you’re like me and hurt your back trying to reach for the ball.

Responsibility 1/5 – I had some work that I could have done today, but I have free time in a few of my classes tomorrow, so I decided to just do it then. I’m pretty ok with the decision, honestly, because it means that tonight can be a time to decompress a bit, as I’ve been feeling kind of stressed lately.

Overall, I had a pretty good day, and I’m very happy that break is just two days away 🙂

Connor Burrows

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3 thoughts on “Connor Burrows – Nov 17”

  1. I’m glad your day went so well! Knowing what days are best for you to decompress, or to be productive, is a great way to keep your mindset healthy. As well, I’m glad Ping Pong club went well! It’s pretty hard to find an activity that’s enjoyable and fruitful, even more so to take initiative on creating such an activity, but you’ve done it. Keep up the good work, and I wish you luck with your homework tomorrow!

  2. Good job taking initiative and cleaning! I’m sure Mr. Burrows appreciated that. Also great job working on multiple morals at once with Ping Pong Club. I’m glad that you’re decompressing after being busy with so many things.

  3. I think it is great you took initiative to clean, even when you weren’t forced to. I tend to avoid cleaning sometimes too. I also find it interesting you paint, I can imagine how calming that can be, especially ending your day that way! I hope your virtues continue to go as well as they seem to be going!! 🙂

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