Nov 17 Blog #8

Today I worked with sincerity and had many examples of me treating people with sincerity and one example I could have worked on sincerity and I didn’t. I’ll start with the bad; while at practice my teammate missed an open net that would have ended training and we would have won, but he missed. I should have been sincere and helped him move on to the next play, but instead yelled at him and just completely ignored his feelings. A good example was when I was working and saw a women outside struggling with her groceries. She looked like she was coming to get ice cream and I recognized that. I ran to the door and opened for her. She had two little kids and had her hands full. I made sure I was extra nice while serving her. It paid off because she gave me a generous tip.

2 thoughts on “Nov 17 Blog #8”

  1. This is beautifully written Charlie. Great job learning from mistakes and making up for it in a different way. This truly shows the kind of person you are.

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