Day 9

Today I went and bought a new planner to try and help me stay more organized. I also feel like it motivates me more when I have things written down. I hope I actually use my planner and remember to cross things off. After I did that I went to babysit and tried to do homework while they were busy but it was really distracting. I think if I used my class time better, I would have less homework in the evening and would not have to do it while I am babysitting. I feel like it is getting harder to practice the five virtues. 





Acceptance- B

2 thoughts on “Day 9”

  1. It is so good you were able to realize a problem in your everyday life and it is now something you can work to improve on in the future! Hopefully the planner will help you keep track of your school work as well. Keep up the good work!

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