day 8

This was a good day overall I would say in the whole grandiose scheme of things. It was a very moving day that and i felt like i was kinda just going through the motions which always feel nice. I wanted in my head too much and stuck to what I needed to do. I focused on order today and keeping everything organized.

Cleanliness: Not only was i able to keep up with my personal hygiene and such and picking up after life and that was very nice, i also made a good dent in all the stuff that i have shoved under my bed which was very nice and i appreciated it. I give myself an A

order: i kept to the schedule that i set for the day which was what i wanted. I had work and left work on time instead of staying which was very nice and just kept my day moving and organized which was very comforting. Everything had its place and I very much enjoyed that. It felt good. I give myself a A i did really well with this one 

resolution: this was a very good day for my resolution because i casually kept to everything that i needed to keep to did everything that i needed to do with my day and did everything that i said i was going to do with my day which was very comforting. I give myself a B+

tranquility: I found peace in talking to a coworker today about the craziness that is life. It was surprisingly grounding and I enjoyed having that conversation. I enjoy having those types of conversations with people because it is fascinating that each person has a different perspective on life and how they feel about it which I think is very cool and interesting. I also allowed myself time when i got home to just sit with my thoughts for a bit and sit in quiet and think. I give myself a b+

My own personal boundaries: today I was asked to stay an extra hour at work and I said no because I had things to do and felt as though I wouldn’t really have time to get everything done. I am quite a pushover when it comes to working overtime at work so whenever I turn it down I feel a sense of pride that I didn’t have right away and that makes me feel very happy internally. I give myself a A

Joey Trease

Author: Joey Trease

My goal with this project is to work on -order -resolution -cleanliness -tranquility -existing exactly as i am

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