Day 9 – 11/17/21

Today I woke up feeling pretty confident about my physics test. I knew that I had studied for ample time and felt that I was ready for whatever was put on the test. After taking the test, I still felt this confidence as I felt that I did pretty good on it. After this test I did not feel the same sort of resolution that I felt the day before when I was studying for the test. I didn’t have much homework, so I did not really feel motivated to do much after school. My industry was also bad, because the homework that I did do I did not do very efficiently. After my test I knew that I probably would not have much drive to complete my homework, so I decided to play tennis to try and do something productive. This gave me good order in my life as I set aside time for the things that are important to me. I did not have very good moderation especially since I did not do much homework and I spent a lot of time on my phone. Despite the issues I had on my productivity related virtues, I felt that my justice was good today as I treated my friends fairly. Overall, I had an unproductive day, but it was a happy and relaxing day.

Jacob Podrebarac

Author: Jacob Podrebarac

Resolution, Industry, order, moderation, justice

2 thoughts on “Day 9 – 11/17/21”

  1. It’s good to see the work for studying for your physics test paid off! Additionally, I feel like a semi-unproductive day is deserved, especially if you were more productive the previous day. I hope tennis was an enjoyable way to have fun as well as be productive and healthy!

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