Luke Kounkel – Nov 16

Today was a pretty good day for the virtues. I have my internship with Cerner on odd days, so I get to go home early and video conference in with my manager. Today we were setting up some groundwork for a big project to cap off the semester, and I got to go through a bunch of real-world procedures for problem solving at Cerner. Out of the 3 high schoolers on our team I am currently the farthest along with everything, so I’d say that my productivity virtue was utilized well. So far this week I’ve had very little homework, so I’ve had plenty of time to fulfill my tranquility virtue, and even though my allergies don’t feel great, I’m managing.

3 thoughts on “Luke Kounkel – Nov 16”

  1. Following your tranquility virtue is great and must feel nice. I’m planning to enter the Cerner program next semester. It seems very interesting, so I’m intrigued to see if my experience resembles yours!

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