Luke Kounkel – Nov 17

Today was a difficult day to work on my virtues. I had very little homework for the day and so any ideas of being productive were scattered to the wind. Since there was no real pressure to actually get anything done, instead I just relaxed, had some me time, and then finished the night by calling with some friends. Today was overall a good day for me, but not a great one for the virtues. Let’s just pretend that I was forcing myself to practice productivity tomorrow by putting off work. Framed like that, today seems like more of a win.

3 thoughts on “Luke Kounkel – Nov 17”

  1. I definitely relate to the feeling of struggling to be productive, especially when there is not much to do, but sometimes a rest day is what you need to get through a week. It’s good that you are framing it in a more positive light, and hopefully, tomorrow will be an all-around productive day :))

  2. Although you were unsuccessful with your virtues, it sounded like you had a super relaxing day! It is so important to allow yourself rest time. Also positively framing your day is amazing – even if it wasn’t as successful as you wanted it to be.

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