Post 3: November 15

Today was a struggle. After being awake for 22 hours the previous day, I had to push through school. I understood that I needed to go to school because I had already missed a substantial amount. This reflects my virtue of order. I knew I needed to be productive and continue to work so I wouldn’t fall more behind.  After school I had the first day of basketball tryouts, so my physical health virtue was well exceeded through this vigorous event.  Although I was successful with some of the other virtues, the cleanliness of my room was lacking. I assume many can relate to the post-trip suitcase chaos.  

Riley Eck

Author: Riley Eck

Hello everyone!! Enjoy my journey at achieving moral perfection, just like Benjamin Franklin.

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  1. Being awake for 22 hours is very unhealthy. Sleep is important and if you are not %100 during school it’s hard to learn. You seem like a very dedicated person though so keep up the hard work.

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