Post 5: November 17

Today is the day I finally tackled my messy room. Although it is not perfect, I am able to say I achieved my virtue of cleanliness for the day.  After school I had my final day of basketball tryouts.  I know I will be able to continue to work on my virtue of physical health because we will have practice everyday.  At the end of tryouts we were told our teams, but before finding out I had already accepted the results because there was nothing I could change now. It would have been unnecessary stress to worry about something out of my control at that point. Tonight I was able to relax. I balanced my crazy week with a night to just decompress and not worry about school. 

Riley Eck

Author: Riley Eck

Hello everyone!! Enjoy my journey at achieving moral perfection, just like Benjamin Franklin.

One thought on “Post 5: November 17”

  1. I’m glad you were finally able to address your room! Working towards cleanliness is something I likely will need to work on soon, so having an example to follow is always quite nice for motivation! As well, I really like how you worked in acceptance, as you acknowledged what you could and could not do in your power. Furthermore, I’m glad you were able to relax, and hopefully you can continue to work towards such a balance during your break.

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