Post 6: November 18

Today was just like any other Thursday. Late start is always amazing, but somehow the day seems to take forever.  After school we had our first day of basketball practice, accomplishing my physical health virtue.  We received all our gear and then transitioned into brainstorming standards we wanted to set and work on for the rest of the season, very similar to our task with our virtues.  For dinner we went out to a pizza place called 1889.  It was a nice break from our ordinary nights at the Eck household. This break was important because it created a balance between school and home. Although the break was nice, it affected the order of the rest of my night. I was up so late trying to catch up on work and finish homework for the next day. Since I was up so late, I just had to accept the fact that I was not going to get a lot of sleep. I did not spend a ton of time in my room today so I managed to keep it pretty clean.

Riley Eck

Author: Riley Eck

Hello everyone!! Enjoy my journey at achieving moral perfection, just like Benjamin Franklin.

3 thoughts on “Post 6: November 18”

  1. I am really impressed with the effort you are putting in with these virtues. Late start always seems to help the day out. One piece of advice is maybe try and get to bed earlier so you can be really focused the next day.

  2. First off, I really like how you make your virtues stand out in your blog by bolding them! It really makes the organization nicer and helps track the virtues. It’s good that you were able to get your evening back on track, and were accepting of the consequences of the evening.

  3. You seem to have great success with all your virtues, even if that means not completing them to the best ability, being self aware is enough!! Congrats on basketball by the way, that’s an accomplishment in itself 🙂

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