Reflection – November 19, 2021

For my five virtues — Order, Cleanliness, Balance, Patience, and Kindness — I would say I was relatively successful. I could use this assignment as evident of my positive place in society by showing these blogs and genuinely seeing how I was working on being a better person, for my others around me as well as myself. I would like to keep up with improving on these virtues and maintaining good and positive energy to the community.

Working on moral perfection was a great process for me. The virtue I struggled with the most was definitely balance. However, I expected this to come a little bit harder for me because of my busy schedule and school filled evenings (usually), on top of sports and my much needed alone time. I selected balance for the purpose of spending more time with family and friends, while also not letting school and health go down the drain. In order to master this virtue, I believe I need to keep working on it, and remain consistent with carving out time strictly for balance.

I believe I most improved in my Order virtue. It started a habit of me organizing my room every morning before leaving, getting organized and having a good breakfast, and making sure all my work and activities for my day are planned out. While I had done some of this before, it was never a habit nor consistent in my everyday life, giving a much more minuscule benefit. I expect this to help with my stress and simply make my days run smoother with less chaos. This important to me in order to keep my anxiety low and enjoy everyday, regardless of what happens.

Overall, I greatly benefitted from every virtue in some way. With Order, I have become more organized and been able to create methods to remain this way after this assignment. Cleanliness additionally helped me stay more organized, yet also serve the purpose to cleanse my mind and body, in a very positive way. With Balance, I have been able to seek time to carve out for family, friends, myself everyday in relation to school and other activities also. Patience helped me take everything a little bit slower and just relax, no matter what people around me are doing, and give myself grace in situations. Lastly, kindness, helped me focus on being more optimistic and stray far away from anything negative, especially to other people. All five virtues will help better me as a person as a whole, and I look forward to working on these and staying consistent, although I will never be perfect.

Anna Mitchell

Author: Anna Mitchell

order, cleanliness, balance, patience, and kindness.

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