Day 10:

Today is my last day of recording these virtues, so I wanted to be my best for the day. To start off, I was able to maintain Order by writing down all my homework that is due over Thanksgiving break. I rate this method a 10/10. Next is Humility which I’m gonna rate it a 9/10. Staying humble is important and something you can always improve on. Next is Frugality. I give my Frugality a 6/10 because I spent money on gas. I can work on improving this by carpooling more with friends. Next is Tranquility. Today I had a very high Tranquility. I had tests but since I was prepared for them I had no worries. Lastly is Sincerity. Today I worked on Sincerity by offering to take my brother to his practice and giving my mom a break. It was good to have some alone time with my brother. I would give this method a 8/10. Overall it was a very successful day.

One thought on “Day 10:”

  1. Although you rated frugality a little low, I believe gas is a necessity so it should be a huge detriment to your rating. Super happy to see you were able to stay calm today and prepared for all your tests. That is super helpful in keeping your life stress free.

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