Reflection 11/19/21

Like Franklin I ended up struggling the most with my Order virtue. It just was so hard to bring Order to the busyness of life. The ability to do such is something that I have struggled with for my entire life, and I wish to continue this virtue even after the project is over. Some days when I did do well at this virtue it really brought me back to the essence of why I chose to focus on it. The days with strong order would lead to bettering all of my other virtues. If I could simply focus on organizing and ordering my day, then I would have more time to focus on my other virtues. The virtue of Order was the key to all other virtues. Although I acknowledged to some extent this at the beginning of the project, my appreciation of this fact has only grown with the progression of the project. Although I was able to bring this key with me for much of this journey, my Order was not always perfect and I often would lock myself out of the rest of my virtues. Moving forward I need to start scheduling out my days and allocating appropriate time for each of my activities. This will allow me to gain better control over my life and finally allow me to have structure in my busiest of days.

Despite my struggles on Order, I still had success in my virtue of Industry. Before the project I seemed to always do everything in the least efficient way possible. If I had a thirty minute assignment, I would somehow find a way to take an hour to finish it. I have learned strategies along the way including setting a specific time for me to do my homework. This made me focus in on the time it takes and ultimately gave me goals for the specific assignment. This really helped me to have more free time and time to myself as I now was not spending so much time on homework. I expect to keep these strategies for completing work quicker, and I am very happy to see that I was able to make so much progress on this, because it seemed that I never had any free time before this.

I felt that even though I had varying degrees of success on each virtue, overall I did well on all of them. Even with Order, which I struggled at throughout, I still felt like the fact that I am now focusing on it and realizing my weaknesses at it is something that will benefit me for a long time. Like I said previously, my improvements in Industry were probably the main thing that I was able to improve on, but I also felt that another virtue that I did very well on was Resolution, as throughout the project I was able to stay focused on what I was doing. Another virtue that I did well on was Justice. I think this is something that I really would like to keep with me even after the project since being able to treat others objectively and not let feelings get in the way is something that is so important to successfully getting along with people. Although I did not do as well on Moderation as some of the other virtues, I felt like this is a beneficial one to keep with me. Being able to balance your life and not let any one aspect of your life take over, is very important to personal bliss and well being. Overall, despite some of my failures in specific virtues I still felt like I did a good job on my virtues, and they have given me many ways that I can improve my life in the future.

Jacob Podrebarac

Author: Jacob Podrebarac

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  1. I agree that Order is a binding factor that can often limit you from fully exercising your other virtues. I agree and also need to start scheduling my days. Congratulations on doing well in justice, it seems like a difficult one to change your mind on. Good luck continuing to use these virtues!

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