I have completed my virtues experiment and I am very proud of the outcome. Attempting to follow these virtues had a positive impact on how I act and treat others. Through this assignment I have realized that I am able to keep a promise given to myself. At the begging of this journey I made a promise with myself that I would try my hardest to better myself by following my 5 virtues. I have seen improvement in every virtue over the past 10 days. The virtue I struggled with the most would be Sincerity. Sincerity was very hard for me because of my busy schedule with sports and school work. Doing this experiment made me realize how much family time I miss with everything going on in my life. When doing this experiment, the days I was able to spend more time with my family made me a lot more happy. The conversations I have with my brother make me have a much better day and can improve my tranquility also. The virtue I had the most success with was Order. The way I maintained Order was by writing down all of my homework and to do’s in my notes app. I would check this frequently, allowing me to keep Order throughout the day. This virtues experiment helped me realize how important setting goals is for yourself because it gives you something to work for. After a good day of virtues I would feel good about myself boosting my inner moral. Overall, this journey has been very rewarding, and plan to keep some of these virtues on my mind.

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  1. That is awesome that you had such a good experience with this experiment. I hope that you can continue to prioritize family and spend lots of time with them. I also really hope that you can keep up the progress in all of your virtues as you continue on with your life.

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