Blog #10 Nov 19

Today, November 19 2021 marks the end of this blog journey. It has been an honorable run. Over the last week and a half I struggled heavily to remember to blog every day. If you want a perfect example of growth while blogging, I am writing this with 40 minutes left in school. Over the course of these long 7 hours I have found a couple examples of me showing my virtues. To start, I woke up and instead of falling back asleep I got straight into the shower showing my order. After getting out of the shower I prayed showing my faith and hope. Just recently a friend was making of my blog, but I showed my silence by not responding. An example of sincerity would be lending my mac book charger to a classmate even when I had never talked to him before. Overall for the last day of my blogging career it was definitely a positive. So long blog its been a pleasure.

2 thoughts on “Blog #10 Nov 19”

  1. Great job on abiding by your virtues today. Your detailed log really reveals how you managed to improve on all of your virtues. Congratulations on completing the challenge and I wish you a restful Thanksgiving.

  2. It is so amazing to see how you have been able to improve on your virtues the past 10 days! I love how you were able to offer up your personal belongings to help out a classmate as well. I hope to see you continue your great work even without the blogs!

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